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Personalized Dietary Advice - donated file for research

A personalized diet generated from your genetic file. Upload your genetic file during checkout.

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Your personalized dietary advice is generated by comparing your unique genetic blueprint to 100s of scientific studies identifying nutrigenetic variants. These nutrigenetic variants connect a specific change in your genes with an increased risk of disease that can be significantly reduced by regularly eating specific foods or supplements. Most peoples Food genes and Me (FGM) report contains dietary suggestions derived from your unique set of 10-20 nutrigenetic variants in your genes. For each variant the report contain a list of 5 foods or supplements with portions to consume daily. The types of foods and supplements on your account are updated each time you visit our site. Few people want to eat the same thing everyday.
The dietary suggestions are created from an uploaded, Ancestry.comFamily Tree DNA (csv file), or .VCF file. FGM is unique in that we only use nutrigenetic variants that have a large effect and have passed rigorous statistical tests.  Why? An example is that you don't want to reduce fat in your diet for 20 years and then find out that fat in your diet is good for you. 
To generate you personalized dietary advice, you will need to download your genomic file from an, Ancestry.comFamily Tree DNA (csv file), or .VCF file and upload it doring your shopping cart atcheckout. To recive a $30 discount you will donate you genomic file and complete a short survey for research. This will allow us to conduct scientific studies to discover new nutrigenetic variants to improve your dietary advice.We have a well designed privacy agreement to protect your data  and will only use your data to discover new nutrigenetic variants.  Thank you for being a participant in our research study.