About Us - Food Genes And Me

Martin R. Schiller, PhD, Co-CEO           Nephi Sanchez, CPA, Board member          Jim Timmins, MBA                   Tony Pearson, PhD

Martin Schiller, PhD, Co-CEO developed the genomic science interpretations and statistical rigor behind Food Genes and Me.  He is the Executive Director of the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

Nephi Sanchez, CPA, Co-CEO is responsible for strategic software and website development.  Nephi has launched and sold software enterprises. He won an Emmy Award in 2017 for the software in one of these companies. Earlier in his career we worked at Pixar in making Finding Nemo.

James Timmins, MBA and Anthony Pearson, Ph.D. are business advisors.  Mr. Timmins has a degree from the MIT Sloan School in Technology Management, and has launched nearly a dozen startup operations; he supports the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine and economic development for the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development.  Dr. Pearson has 20 years of corporate experience in product launch and management within traditional consumer marketing channels. Our team is also supported by available experts in nutritional genomics, biopharma business development, web and digital marketing, as well as an international dietician.


Food Genes and Me is a genomic services company headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. Our company offers direct-to-consumer services related to dietary advice based upon one’s genetic makeup. Since food and nutrient intake is a daily event, your lifestyle and well-being may be enhanced by adjusting your diet considering the latest scientific findings and your genetic vulnerabilities. The dietary advice provided by Food Genes and Me is fully supported by published genetic studies with rigorous statistical significance and similarly supported genetic variants discovered by our own research.

The personalized dietary advice is based on technology developed in the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine was funded in part by a Knowledge Fund grant from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development and a grant from the National Science Foundation iCORPs program. One goal of these programs is to foster startup companies like Food Genes and Me.

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